Folio Box Office Software is unique in that it lets you tailor the system to you and your requirements. There are over 70 switches to tweak the system to your liking. You can set required patron fields, define selling options, set up ticket printing options and create default field values.

The system uses Pick Lists to specialize your field selections. You can define any number of publicity codes, payment types, and patron types. Customize the look and feel of Folio by adjusting the main and selling toolbars to include the icons you use and want immediately available.

User access control is built in. Setup users with passwords and assign rights for selling/returning tickets, reviewing financial information, and accessing setup and maintenance options. If more security is required, our Optional Venue Security Module tightens control so that multiple venues can sell out of the same Folio System, but can't change or view any sensitive data.

Your theater's image will really shine with Folio's custom ticket formats. No more blocky text on your tickets; Folio uses the Windows fonts for a sophisticated look. You can also add logos and images to the face of the tickets and add other various custom format options.

Custom reporting is easy in Folio. Create custom reports with the built-in Report Builder or use any third party reporting tool, such as Crystal Reports, for custom reports. You can also retrieve special data combinations with the Create and View Query options.

Need more Information? The best way to find out more about Folio is to experience it yourself. Fill out our request form and we will quickly ship out a demo of the software.