Building a series makes selling easy by packaging events into a series for sales promotions and management. The series may be variable which allows the patron to select any number of events within the series or fixed which always selects the same set of events. You can define special pricing and automatic discounts for a series and automatically track subscription codes as well.

Folio lets you set up different pricing levels specific to the series. For your fixed series, Folio will automatically pro-rate the package price discounts over the shows selected. With a variable series, Folio can vary the discount rate based on the number of shows purchased within the series. The more shows selected, the greater the discount.

Using the Series function gives you the ability to select seats just once for all of the events within the series. Variable series also help you manage shows for renters and promoters allowing for more efficient selling and separate sales reports. Also, an event can be in any number of different series memberships, first night, Jazz lovers, etc with no duplicate sales. Build multiple series and package shows in ways to capture patron interest.

Flex Passes and Memberships
Let your patrons build their own series with Folio's Flex Passes. You can sell patrons a set of vouchers at a fixed price and they can come back later and trade in the vouchers for specific events. Folio tracks the vouchers used and can limit vouchers for particular events or performance groups. You end up selling more seats and your customers get the benefit of picking the shows they want to see.

Promote your upcoming season with a pre-sales mailing to your existing patrons allowing them to purchase tickets before the general public. You can capture the information and record the sales as orders that are received without making seating assignments. Then at the end of the pre-sale period, you can prioritize the orders and assign seats giving your preferred customers the best seat selections, honoring special requests to seat patrons together, and handling sales for your patron’s guests.

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