The Events screen is where you set up events as reserved seating, general admission seating, or a combination of both. There's lots of flexibility to handle special situations such as reservations, table seating, and events held over a range of days or locations. Tabs near the bottom of screen open up more features that let you define the look of the printed ticket, seating charts, series information, category information and online sales status.

Do you sell tickets for multiple venues, or have to deal with different artist groups such as arts series, community theater, choral society, or renters? You can add venue information to the event to track information for different physical locations or by artist group. Or, with our Venue Level Security module you can give your locations and artist groups the ability to sell their own tickets, but you you still retain control over the entire box office management process.

Setting prices is easy with our flexible price levels. Create as many prices as required, enabling and disabling them as needed. Use the price description field on the event screen to track and evaluate your campaigns and special offerings. The same price can even be entered multiple times with different descriptions.

Since each performance is considered a separate event, you can tie multiple performances together with the Performance Group feature to allow tracking by the single event or a combination of events. Events can also be tied together as a series with pricing specific to each series.

How would you like to jump start your ticket selling by knowing which events to bring in. You can track patron buying habits and interests by applying category codes to the events. Events can categorized as symphonic, jazz, ballet, etc. Use this information to analyze which type of events are the most popular and market similar types of events to your patrons.

Taxes and fees may be a pain, but Folio makes the calculations easy. Folio will calculate and track your sales tax whether it is included in your ticket price or added to the price. Add-on and included fees can be automatically captured for each ticket sold and tracked as either added to or included in the ticket price.

Online ticketing is fully integrated and supported with Martech Systems's eFolio online ticketing module. Once eFolio is installed, putting tickets up for sale is as simple as setting their sale starting and ending times from the event screen. eFolio uses SQL Server based technology designed by Martech Systems to give your customers an easy to use ticket buying interface. The ticket sales interface can be branded to match your web site to give your customers the best online ticket buying experience available.

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