Use the marketing tools in Folio to track patron buying habits and to reach new patrons. As sales data is collected in Folio, you build a history of your patrons purchasing habits that can be used to increase sales for existing patrons and open up new markets and opportunities.

Folio's extensive mailing list features make marketing easy. You can build mailing lists by patron type, zip code, last purchase date or other critera. These lists can be output as mailing labels, email lists, or export files for mailing services.

Fine tune your lists with the include/exclude capability. You can include or exclude patrons from a list based on events, subscriptions or patron interests. For example, Folio can send an email to all patrons interested in dance to promote next week's event, but exclude anyone who has already purchased a ticket for the event.

Know where your sales are coming from by tracking sales data based on zip code location. You can also review your sales channels (online, walkup, phone, etc) by event, series, zip code, venue, or patron type. Combine this information along with publicity codes, price descriptions, and discount codes to evaluate the success of your promotions. This data can be loaded into spreadsheet applications for further data analysis.

Folio helps you build profiles of your patrons. Find out who spends the most, who bought the most tickets, who is the biggest supporter for your series. These features are the foundation of starting your patron loyalty program and a great way to reward your best patrons.

You can also maintain comment lists for each patron, where you can track special needs, seating area preferences, or special talents. Also maintain an unlimited amount of contact numbers and email addresses. Track second address by month to get promotions to right spot.

Use the Patron Letters feature to generate thank you letters, contact past donors and subscribers, and to announce special patron services. This feature integrates with Microsoft Word to create fast and efficient mail merges.

Folio's unlimted Create and View Query capability lets you grab any type of data on the fly for further analysis. Use this powerful feature to:

* Create a calling list of who purchased a subscription last year but has not yet this year.
* Review where and how patrons are coming from and what their interests are.
* Gauge when sales peak, to schedule staffing and provide the best patron services.
* Evaluate online sales trends. Look at what type of events sell best and who is buying online.
* Find patrons who have had an interest in a particular genre or performance type in the past, but have not purchased an associated series.
For example, patrons that have purchased a piano event, may be interested in a keyboard series.

You can start using the marketing features as soon as you begin selling tickets in Folio, The longer you use the system, the more extensive the marketing data grows.

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